Republican Candidates Prepare Attack on Foes

Phoenix, AZ – In nearly simultaneous press releases, the campaigns called on
Democrats to renounce the support of the United Food and
Commercial Workers and the Service Employees International Union.
Both have announced they will boycott Arizona following the
decision by Gov. Jan Brewer to sign what's billed as the toughest
immigration law in the country. Doug Cole, campaign spokesman for
Brewer, said there's nothing coincidental about the effort.

(It is coordinated, absolutely. Because we are going to draw the
contrast between our Republican ticket and the Democrat ticket
who is supported by these two national unions that are trying to
harm Arizona and Arizona families by boycotting. And all those
candidates who have been endorsed need to renounce their

Similar statements went out from Tom Horne running for attorney
general, secretary of state Ken Bennett, treasurer hopeful Doug
Ducey, mine inspector Joe Hart and congressional contenders Paul
Gosar and Jesse Kelly. Janey Pearl, press aide to Democratic
gubernatorial nominee Terry Goddard, said he has always been
against the boycott, and chided Brewer for the attack.

(We called upon Brewer to do something two weeks ago that she
hasn't done yet, and that was to talk to us about debates and
talk with the public about issues that matter. This is just
another example of them being silly, twisting the truth around
and try to focus away from the real issues.)

Brewer has agreed to do only the one debate this week she is
legally required to do. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard