Religious Leaders Urge Brewer to Veto Immigration Legislation

Phoenix, AZ – Many different denominations have weighed in saying they do not
like the measure which is designed to give police more power to
question people they encounter about whether they are in this
country legally. Brewer said it's possible they just don't
understand what's in the legislation.

(I think that there's been a lot of misrepresentation a bit on
some of the issues. You listen to one media outlet and you listen
to another. It's conflicting, you know. So it's difficult to
understand. That's why we're going over it with a very fine tooth
and do what is right for the people of Arizona.)

Brewer also is reacting negatively to the comments by Congressman
Raul Grijalva. He wants businesses groups to refuse to have
conferences and conventions in the state if she signs the bill.

(I think that would be really unforunate situation, you know. We
certainly wouldn't like to see that happen.)

The governor has through Saturday to decide whether to sign the
measure, veto it or let it become law without her signature. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.