Public art controversy results in city council member resigning her post

Prescott, AZ – In a case of here today and gone tomorrow, Prescott town officials have removed what's being called the Community Art Bench from Granite Creek park overnight.

Kristin Anthony has been building the bench and negotiating with city officials about the design, but the two sides have not been able to come to a compromise. Anthony supporters think the city removed the large concrete bench because of a few complaints it received objecting to tiles and objects of a religious nature. After volunteers spent thousands of hours on the project, Anthony says she feels bullied.

"We built the bench for people who didn't have a voice, we didn't build it for city council we had gone thru the proper channels and there's no reason for them to ask us to do that I think there are just some people who are in power who are upset they didn't get things their way they just wanted it done and over with."

City officials issued a statement that says the bench was removed because they say the design approved by Parks and Recreation staff did not represent what was actually built.