Prescott seeks public art policy

Feb 6, 2012

Public art is back on the agenda for the Prescott  City Council.

The Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council will report to city leaders on its plan to draft a city public art policy.

The non-profit organization will study how other cities balance competing ideas about public art.

Public art has been a source of controversy over the last two years in Prescott.

Last year a bench with religious symbols was removed from a city park after officials deemed it unsafe.

A mural that depicted minority children at an elementary school caused an uproar the year before.

Cindy Gesser, president of the Arts Council, says her group would like the city to form an arts commission so that recent controversies won’t be repeated.

“We could have ended up with some lovely pieces as public art, but without any process, without any procedure, without any policy, that didn’t happen," Gesser says. "So we’re hoping to fix that.”

They hope to present a plan to the city in six to eight months.

The City Council meets at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7,  at City Hall.