Polls in Brewers Favor

Phoenix, AZ – In March, Brewer was trailing presumed Democratic nominee Terry
Goddard 45-36 percent. Since then she has joined the lawsuit
against the federal government over the health care bill, allowed
anyone to carry a concealed weapon and most recently, signed what
is likely the most sweeping measure aimed at illegal immigrants
in the country. Now she's opened up an eight-point lead over
Goddard. And she's even given herself a leg-up in the GOP
primary, with 81 percent of Arizona Republicans now approving of
the job she is doing. Pollster Scott Rasmussen said that jump
could reflect approval of the new laws. But he said it also could
reflect the negative national publicity.

(When someone in your family gets picked on, it's OK if you're
doing the picking on them. If somebody else outside picks on
them, you get upset. Some of it just may be that they see the
governor sticking up for the state and they want to defend her.)

Rasmussen said the governor's increased popularity comes even
though she is supporting the controversial proposed temporary
one-cent hike in sales taxes that voters will decide May 18. But
he said even some who oppose the tax may give her points for
standing up to members of her own party. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.