Political unkonw making waves in govenor's race

Phoenix, AZ – Buz Mills owns Gunsite, a firearms training facility just south
of Paulden. He also is on the board of the National Rifle
Association. But Mills, who garnered no attention last month
when he declared his candidacy, suddenly became a player with the
disclosure he has put $2 million of his own cash into the
campaign. Mills was unavailable. But campaign manager Camilla
Strongin said the move wasn't designed to scare others out of the

(How other candidates take that, I guess it's a better question
for them than us. But he's serious. I think there's certainly
been some speculation about how serious he might have been since
people are not familiar with his name in political circles.)

The move could change the game. Incumbent Jan Brewer is planning
to run with public funds, with a similar decision likely from
Vernon Parker and Dean Martin if he gets in the race. They
qualify for about $700,000 in the primary. But once a privately
financed candidate in the primary spends more than a publicly
funded contender has received, the state provides a
dollar-for-dollar match, up to three times the original amount.
But if Mills were to spend even more than that $2.1 million,
publicly financed candidates would get no more than that, a move
that could enable Mills to greatly outspend his foes. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.