Parties work to Get Out the Vote

Nov 5, 2012

Political parties are doing their best in these last hours before the elections to get voters to the polls.

This evening in Yavapai County, GOP candidates at the top of the ticket are holding a rally to gin up excitement about tomorrow’s election.

And today at the Republican headquarters in in Flagstaff, the party faithful were phoning potential voters to remember to go to the polls.   

Party officials say they have hung thousands of reminders on peoples’ doors and made thousands more phone calls.

And GOP Congressional Candidate for CD1 Jonathan Paton showed up to rally the troops.

“What we do over the next 24 hours will determine what kind of government we’re going to have and what kind of America we’re going to have," he told them.

Polls show Paton and Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick are in a very close race.

On Friday, dozens of people came to the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff to hear from nearly all the major Democratic candidates.

Senate candidate Richard Carmona was the headliner.

“All the numbers we have, all the polling we have, show, that if we get all the votes out, that we have looked at, we will win.  We will win!," he told the cheering crowd.

Carmona is in a close race with 6 term Republican Congressman Jeff Flake.

Polls in Arizona are open tomorrow from 6 am to 7 pm.