Panel Makes Reccomendations on Ways to Turn More of State Government to Private Sector

Phoenix, AZ – Gov. Jan Brewer put together the Commission on Privatization and
Efficiency to find ways to save money. In its initial report
Tuesday, the committee suggested turning more parks over to
private companies or at least letting them operate retail
concessions. Members also want to push Congress to repeal laws
that now prohibit the state from letting private firms set up
shop in rest areas along interstate highways. But state Gaming
Director Mark Brnovich, whom Brewer named to head the panel, said
this is only the first step. He said members of the commission,
all hand-picked by the governor, are predisposed to believe that
if a government service can be privatized, it probably should.

(I myself and members of the committee are big believers that the
free market system, that capitalism, works because folks are
forced to come up with better ideas and create greater
efficiencies and come up with new innovations.)

He called it the yellow book test.

(If a function is available, if you can look at it and find it in
the yellow book, you should ask yourself, should government be
doing that. And if government is doing it, should it be done in
conjunction through a public-private partnership or can it be
done in a better, more efficient way.)

A final report is due by the end of the year. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.