Opposition in sales tax hike

Phoenix, AZ – Some of that will come from Republicans like Carl Seel.

(Clearly, we don't need a tax increase. At this time in our
economy, we're going to oppose to do, put a burden of over $900
million on the citizenry of this great state at a time when
people are losing their jobs? I think not.)

Seel said the tax hike wouldn't be necessary if lawmakers had the
courage to make deep spending cuts. Gov. Jan Brewer wants some
additional cuts but said the money the tax would generate will
help protect crucial programs. Democratic Rep. Nancy Young Wright
said that pledge is not enough for her.

(There is no reliable assurance that the things that I'm here to
fight for, such as K-12 education, parks and services for seniors
and the disabled will not be cut even deeper after I give the
only thing the voters have entrusted me with, which is my vote.)

Gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman acknowledged there is no
written guarantee the money will save programs. But he said it's
only logical to presume that will be the case.

(Additional revenues of a temporary nature and of this magnitude
can't help but substantially improve the funding situation for
education and public safety.)

The last word is up to voters. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.