Official English

Phoenix, AZ – A similar measure adopted in 1988 was declared
unconstitutional because it prevented public officials
and employees from communicating with customers and
constituents. This proposal gets around that by
spelling out that unofficial communications can be
conducted in any language as long as all official
actions are in English. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema said the
move ignores the changes occurring in the state.

(What we are doing today is telling Arizona that we are
not ready for change, that we are afraid of what is new
and what is different and that we are unwilling to
learn about what our community is becoming and will be
in the future. And that makes me sad.)

Others suggested the proposal is anti-Hispanic or anti-
immigrant. But Rep. Marian McClure who supports the
move rejected those arguments.

(All I really care about is they, anyone that comes to
this country wants very badly to accept the American
way of life. The American way of life includes learning
the language.)

The measure now goes to the Senate and, if approved
there, will be on the November ballot. In Phoenix, for
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.