New Voter ID requirements upheld

Phoenix, AZ – A federal judge refused Monday to block the state from
requiring people to show identification before casting
a ballot. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer

Judge Roslyn Silver rejected the request by several
groups for an injunction to halt enforcement of the
voter ID provisions of Proposition 200. That measure
approved two years ago requires proof of citizenship to
register and identification to cast a ballot. Silver
said the plaintiffs had not met their legal burden for
an injunction. But Nina Perales, attorney for the
Mexican American Legal Defense Fund said the decision
wasn't a total loss: Silver wants all sides to submit
more information for an Oct. 19 hearing on the question
of whether making people spend money to buy necessary
identification, like a driver's license or birth
certificate, is effectively an illegal poll tax.

(And for us it's a hopeful sign. Because whenever we
have an opportunity to discuss something before the
court there's an opportunity to persuade the court. So
we look forward to the further briefing that we're
going to do here.)

In the meantime that leaves the Prop 200 requirements
in place. And that means those who go to the polls
today will need a government issued photo ID with an
address or two other documents with a name and address.
That can include voter ID cards, bank statements,
utility bills, vehicle registration and Indian census

In Phoenix for Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.