New Report Shows State Not Brining Enough Taxes to Cover Expenses

Phoenix, AZ – The Joint Legislative Budget Committee figures that revenues are
running at a rate that will generate at least $200 million less
than anticipated when lawmakers adopted a spending plan earlier
this year. Most significantly, legislators built the budget
counting on approval of two measures in November allowing them to
divert funds voters had previously set aside for early childhood
development and preserving open space. If Propositions 301 and
302 are defeated, that increases the deficit to $825 million. At
that point legislative leaders foresee a special lame-duck
session to plug the hole. Sen. Russell Pearce said he's looking
at the $2.7 billion a year spent on health care.

(You know, the socialist programs have to be tweaked. You can't
continue to be a welfare state when you don't have money, giving
things away when you don't have money.)

Then there is the $1 billion for universities.

(We've not harmed, we've not even approached, while they've
raised revenue, tuition, we've not asked universities, higher ed,
to sacrifice anything. And I think everybody's got to pony up
this time.)

Well, maybe not everybody: Pearce said he considers spending on
public safety, including prisons, off limits. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.