Napolitano Bemoans Moderates' losses

Phoenix, AZ –
Sen. Tom O'Halleran was defeated by Steve Pierce. And Rep. Pete
Hershberger lost his bid to move to the Senate. Both had angered
some Republicans by voting for the governor's budget and refusing
to support permanent repeal of the state property tax.

(They were wonderful people to work with. They did work across
the aisle and they always had the best interest of Arizona at
heart. That being said, I don't think you can extrapolate a lot
from a primary to a general.)

Napolitano said low voter turnout favors fringe candidates. But
the Democrat governor said that, come November, voters may wrest
control of at least one chamber from the Republicans.

(If they want moderation, if they want the ability to reach
across party lines, then it's to our interest to have at least
one house be in Democrat hands.)

O'Halleran is miffed that his defeat was linked to votes on the
budget and property taxes, saying he has supported party leaders
on 17 tax cuts and 24 votes on illegal immigration.

(You cannot, you should not vote every vote with somebody from
Maricopa County if you're from rural Arizona. And you shouldn't
do it just because the party says. Something has to be about
sound public policy. And that's what my votes were always based

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.