Motor Excellence Ribbon Cutting

Flagstaff, AZ – TB) The new 13-thousand square foot building will house production of the 5-inch motor, whose first commercial application is an electric powered bicycle or e-bike. The idea for this technology came from Motor Excellence co-founder David Calley. During his earlier work on wind turbines, which required required constant winding, he became inspired to come up with a better motor.

David Calley) "so to be honest i think it will be fairly revolutionary in terms of changing the way motors are made and reducing the amount of materials necessary and the energy lost in the manufacturing of the motor and the use of the motor through higher efficiency.
but we have got a lot more to do."

TB) After more than one hundred years of building motors a certain way, the world is ready for this Motor Excellence technology, says fellow co-founder Michael Manson.

Michael Manson ) The exciting thing is we can build a motor 10-26 times more powerful than existing motors and anywhere from 15-to100% more efficient. that is thrilling. 1:36

TB) Motor Excellence is being funded by 50-million in committed private investment and a nearly 1-million dollar stimulus funding grant, which Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler calls good for the region.

Sara Presler) "This is a great investment for the city not only for our economic engines but also in clean industry in the city of Flagstaff through the Arizona Commerce Authority that MotorExcellence investors and partners indicated that they would provide 50 jobs as a return on investment. as of today we are already at 43 jobs and we're not even through the first year yet."

TB) Estimates are that Motor Excellence will have created as many as 70 new jobs by the end of this year, as they work on production of the e-bike.
Supporting local companies fits Flagstaff's theme of what the city manager refers to as economic gardening.

Kevin Burke) and that fits our community better, it puts down stronger roots so they don't up and leave when the first good offer comes along, and they have a commitment and it's just good economic development for the community.

TB) The high efficiency, cost effective motors have a low impact on the environment. In the future, they might also be used in other applications from ATVS, to golf carts and air planes. In Flagstaff, for Arizona Public Radio, I'm Theresa Bierer