Most Arizonans say they will not get swine flu shot

Phoenix, AZ – The state's top health official is concerned about a new survey
which shows a majority of residents do not intend to be
innoculated for the swine flu. Arizona Public Radio's Howard
Fischer explains.

The statewide poll found barely four in 10 Arizonans willing to
get the vaccine for what is known as the novel H1N1 virus.
Pollster Bruce Merrill who conducted the survey for KAET-TV, the
Phoenix PBS affiliate, said those who were called expressed a
fear that the vaccine had been rushed into production without
sufficient safety testing. State health chief Will Humble said
that has implications beyond those who refuse.

(Obviously, the more folks we can get vaccinated, the better off
we are, not just for the people who get the vaccine but for
everybody else because we really are after a herd immunity effect
where we get enough people vaccinated so that we start slowing
the spread of this virus around the community.)

Humble said despite the rhetoric, the vaccine got at least as
much testing as the one for regular seasonal flu. Yet rumors

(If you don't believe me as a public health official, and you
don't believe Dr. Bob over at Maricopa County, talk to your
doctor. Most likely they'll say, boy, it's the best thing you can
do for your family and for your community.)

And Humble said that, just because there haven't been daily
headlines recently following the initial alarm, that doesn't mean
there is no danger. He said more than 40 people have died in the
state from the virus.