More public forums being proposed

Phoenix, AZ – If you've ever watched C-Span you may have caught question time.
That's the half hour a week the prime minister has to come to
Parliament and respond to questions, both friendly and otherwise.
State Sen. Jonathan Paton said that might not be such a bad idea
here. He is proposing a constitutional amendment to require the
governor to answer the inquiries of lawmakers of both her own
party and the opposition.

(It kind of guarantees that the public gets the chance to see
their leaders in action, both legislative and the executive
branch in an environment where there's an exchange of ideas. And
secondly, they kind of get to judge their abilities, how well
prepared they are, how well spoken they are.)

Paton's measure would mandate a session once every two weeks for
at least a half hour, with each party getting half the time.
Paton said this would not just be something favoring the glib
over the serious, though how well a governor responds would be

(I think that people want leaders that can hold their own. They
want to know that when they're meeting with other important
people that they're not going to back down and that they're
thoughtful people and they can see that. They want to be able to
watch that.)

So how does Paton think incumbent Jan Brewer would fare?

(I think she'd do fine. She's pretty scrappy.)

The measure is set for a hearing this afternoon. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.