More Photo Radar Legislation

Mar 12, 2013

If you're not a fan of photo radar, you may be cheered by a measure approved yesterday by the state House. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports.

Arizona got rid of its own photo radar on state highways in 2010. But Representative Debbie Lesko said that has not eliminated the cameras. "ADOT doesn't currently have a way to stop cities from placing photo radar cameras on state highways," Lesko said. "So my legislation will allow them to do that if they deem that there's not a public safety reason to put a radar camera on a state highway.

Lesko said what that means is providing the Department of Transportation with not just data about traffic along that stretch of road, but also figures on speeding and the number of accidents. But that's not all. Lesko said, "not only does it say you have to prove a public safety reason to place a photo radar camera on a public highway, but you also have to show there's an improvement in public safety when the permit renewal comes about."

That renewal review would have to take place at least every three years. And Lesko said that means if there is no improvement, ADOT would be free to tell the city to take its camera out. Nothing in the measure restricts cities from having photo radar on their own local streets. The 47-12 House vote sends the measure to the Senate.