Mexican Government Inserts Itself Into Legal Fight

Phoenix, AZ – There already are five separate lawsuits challenging the law
which requires police to question those they have stoped if
there's reasonable suspicion they're in this country illegally.
In a friend of the court brief, attorneys for Mexico said they
believe SB 1070 will lead to racial profiling. They were not
persuaded by the fact Gov. Jan Brewer directed the Peace Officer
Standards and Training Board to come up with procedures to help
officers understand exactly what constitutes such reasonable
suspicion. The attorneys said this will lead to people being
stopped on the basis of their appearance. That includes Mexican
nationals in this country whom the Mexican government said it has
an obligation to defend. Brewer said she was disappointed the
Mexican government has decided to insert itself into the legal

(I think there's been a lot of misunderstanding about the bill
fed by a lot of different outlets that have put fear into people
that is unnecessary. I think the bill is very clear and we will
just move forward.)

The filing by the Mexican government comes as the U.S. Department
of Justice is weighing whether to enter the dispute directly with
its own challenge to the law set to take effect July 29. Various
news outlets have quoted anonymous sources saying the decision to
sue has been made. But the official word from the agency is that
the case is still being reviewed. For Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.