McCain could face tough primary fight

Phoenix, AZ – A new statewide poll suggests that John McCain could have trouble
hanging on to his Senate seat -- and not from the Democrats.

The survey of likely Republican voters by Rasmussen Reports found
the incumbent senator the favorite of 45 percent of those
questioned. But former Congressman J.D. Hayworth was only two
points back -- a statistical dead heat in a poll with a four
point margin of error. Hayworth told Arizona Public Radio late
Friday he has not made a decision, saying he is in the "due
diligence'' phase. But he said the poll results have gotten his

"In terms of that due diligence, if the scale was down at 2 this
morning before we got a certain phone call I would say that due
diligence is now at 9.5 to take a very serious look at what we'll

Pollster Fred Solop of the Social Research Laboratory at Northern
Arizona University said the national attention is now on health
care. But he said Hayworth's strong positions on illegal
immigration will work in his favor in this kind of race.

"Statewide I don't think immigration has ever died down as an
issue. We still are faced with rallies and state legislators
making comments about what kinds of state resources should be
denied next from immigrants."

In a written statement, McCain press aide Brooke Buchanan said
her boss -- quote -- never takes any election for granted.