May sales tax vote could indicate August primary

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer has been pretty much the lone drum-beater for the plan to
hike the state sales tax by a penny to help balance the budget
for the next three years. The governor got her wish Thursday with
the final vote to put the question on the ballot. But Brewer said
if the referendum fails it's not a rejection of her.

(I've always trusted the voters. If they don't believe that's the
solution, I presented a balanced budget. I presented a solution.
No one else has come forward to present a balanced budget or a

But John Munger said he has crafted a plan that doesn't hike
taxes. And he said just the fact that Brewer pushed the tax plan
is going to hurt her among the conservative Republicans she needs
to get her party's nomination.

(Most people voting in the primary do not support a sales tax
increase. Whether she wins it or she loses at the polls on sales
tax referral, she's completely alienated her base.)

State Treasurer Dean Martin said the May 18 vote could be an
indication of what will happen in the primary.

(If it passes, it may help her. If it fails, it definitely kills
her. But it's not necessarily a guarantee in either direction.)

The invisible party in all this is presumed Democratic nominee
Terry Goddard who for months now has dodged questions about
whether he supports the referendum. For Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.