Legislature passes budget, but doesn't send it to Governor

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer says she's perplexed by the maneuvers on the
budget taking place in the Legislature.

As expected, the Republican-controlled Legislature has adopted a
budget plan for the coming year. And as Senate President Bob
Burns previously told Arizona Public Radio, he is not sending the
package to the governor for her consideration. Burns contends
that showing Brewer he has the votes for this plan -- one without
a tax hike the governor wants -- will make her more willing to
negotiate. Brewer said that makes no sense.

(It would appear to me that they would transmit the bill to me if
they've got the votes on it and there's support there for it. I
really don't understand why they would go through the exercise if
they're not going to transmit the bill.)

Brewer wants a one-cent hike in the state's 5.6 percent sales tax
and at least a temporary return of the state's currently
suspended property tax. She said the alternative is spending cuts
that would be very harmful to the state.

(I want a budget that is fiscally sound and that is balanced and
takes us into the future and that serves the people of Arizona. I
want truth in budgeting.)

The tax hike isn't the only issue. Brewer contends the
legislative budget doesn't properly account for the increase in
the number of people who are going to become eligible for free
health care.