Legislature passes abortion restrictions

Phoenix, AZ – State senators gave final approval this afternoon to placing new
restrictions on the ability of a woman to terminate her

One bill would require a woman to wait at least 24 hours between
the time she first sees a doctor and when she actually can get an
abortion. It also spells out what a woman must be told at that
first meeting, ranging from the probable anatomical and
physiological characteristics of the unborn child to the fact
that financial help might be available if the woman decides to
keep the baby. Sen. Linda Lopez called the measure a legislative
assault on women's rights.

(HB 2564 assumes that Arizona women are incapable of making
decisions about their reproductive health in conjunction with
their physician and their family. It assumes that this
Legislature knows what's best for a woman who's making one of the
most difficult decisions of her life.)

But Sen. Chuck Gray said he supports anything that restricts
access to abortion.

(In my view, when we talk about domestic violence, I think
abortion is the ultimate case of severe domestic violence in
which a child dies.)

The senate also approved a separate measure to outlaw partial
birth abortion. Both bills already have been approved by the
House, leaving only the governor's signature as the final hurdle.
And Brewer is already on record as opposing abortion except to
save the life of the mother.