Lawmakers to vote on budget balance plan

Phoenix, AZ – The proposal makes more than $1 billion in cuts and sweeps half a
billion from special funds. Among the changes are elimination of
state-funded full-day kindergarten, kicking 300,000 off of the
health care plan for the poor and cutting pay of most state
workers. Democratic Sen. Paula Aboud complained that Republicans
weren't looking at an obvious alternative: Forcing those who got
tax breaks in prior years to give them back.

(That's what this Legislature should be doing, not throwing
people under the bus. But instead asking people that are well-
off, that got the tax breaks four years ago, to then ask them to
make that sacrifice. And we're not talking about poor and working
folks that are struggling to make their house payments, giving
them tax increases.)

But Republican Sen. Al Melvin said those who propose higher taxes
were listening to those who testified -- people who want a share
of state dollars for their special programs.

(But we haven't had widows and hard-working people in the privat
sector, people who are retired on a fixed income. They weren't
able to come here to speak for themselves. And I'm here to speak
for them. The last thing they need is another tax for anything.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.