Lawmakers to Introduce SB1070 Repeal

Jan 23, 2012

State Democratic lawmakers have announced plans to introduce legislation to repeal Arizona's controversial immigration law, S-B 10-70.

Meanwhile, the law's supporters and foes faced off against each other today at the state Capitol. 

The main activity seemed to be who could shot the loudest.

(protestors chanting)

There was no common ground on the legislation approved two years ago designed to give police more power to detain and arrest illegal immigrants.

Opponents like Sen. Steve Gallardo said all the measure has done is polarized the state.

"It has done nothing to solve any of our immigration issues here," he said.  "The fact is this: Immigration remains a federal issue. And we must continue to put pressure on the federal government to do something in terms of immigration. But it is not an issue that the Arizona state Legislature can fix."

Gallardo introduced legislation to repeal the law. 

But Sen. Ron Gould, who chairs the Judiciary Committee where the bill is assigned, said, "I have a special drawer in my desk where bills go that are never going to come back out. That's where that bill's going."