Lawmakers Express Anger at Pima Sheriff

Phoenix, AZ – Rep. Jack Harper is upset because Dupnik noted that lawmakers
voted last year to let any adult carry a concealed weapon without
getting a state permit. That eliminated requirements for a
background check and training, which Dupnik said is a bad idea.
Harper, a proponent of easing weapons laws, said it is wrong to
blame those changes for what happened. He said if Dupnik is
looking for fault he should look in a mirror.

(How is it that a U.S. congressman can hold an event and there's
no law enforcement? He should have had a deputy at that event.)

Harper said it's irrelevant whether Giffords notified the
sheriff's department of the event or asked for security. Sen. Al
Melvin, also a Republican, took his own verbal shot at Dupnik
Monday because the sheriff said Arizona has become, in his words,
the mecca of prejudice and bigotry. Melvin said Dupnik, a
Democrat, should try to solve the criminal case and not try to
score political points.

(He's throwing gasoline on a very volatile situation and, out of
respect for the dead and the wounded, just do his job and solve
the case and leave the political discourse, give it a rest and
pray for the dead and wounded.)

Dupnik would not respond to the comments. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.