Law would protect medical marijuana users

Phoenix, AZ – The initiative would allow doctors to essentially prescribe
marijuana to patients who are suffering from any one of a
specific set of conditions. But it also says an employer cannot
discipline a worker who tests positive for drugs. Campaign
manager Andrew Myers said that's designed to ensure that what
happened to that Michigan worker, who said he suffers from sinus
cancer and a brain tumor, could not happen here.

(That's our intention. Ultimately the courts have to uphold the
interpretion of the law. But I believe our language is very clear
on that point that the law that the people are going to vote on
in November has a strong provision for workplace protections for
medical marijuana patients.)

There is an exception saying a worker could be fired for using
marijuana on the job or being impaired during work hours. But
attorney Don Johnsen said that's not going to help employers much
at all.

(Doctors will disagree. You'll never know what the decision is
from case to case. One doctor may say, yeah, based on these
facts, in my professional opinion, this person was impaired, in
quotes, or under the influence, quote, unquote. In another case,
a doctor may reach a completely different conclusion.)

Backers claim they already have enough signatures to put the
question on the November ballot. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.