KNAU Pledges Shorter Membership Drive

Sep 27, 2012

KNAU has announced a shortened annual fall pledge drive, (insert cheering sounds). 

For many residents throughout Northern Arizona, KNAU provides one of the few sources for in-depth news and information as well as the only 24 hour classical music service.

With over 60% of KNAU’s operating funds coming from community support, the staff at KNAU knows that shortening the drive is a budgetary risk.

“It’s a risk that we’re willing to take,” said John Stark, KNAU’s general manager.  “Less time spent fundraising on air means more time devoted to programs and news our listeners depend on every day.  Our listeners have asked for a shorter drive and we’re determined to make it happen for our community.”

The drive begins Friday, October 12 and features only 5 days of live, on-air fundraising.

How you can help:  PLEDGE NOW!