Kirkpatrick Outraises, Outspends Paton 2 to 1

Oct 18, 2012

The Federal Election Commission has released the latest campaign finance reports.

In the race for Arizona’s 1st District Congressional seat, Ann Kirkpatrick has outraised and outspent her opponent Jonathan Paton by two to one.

As of the end of September, Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick had raised nearly $1.9 million, and has about half a million on hand.

Her opponent, Republican Jonathan Paton, reported raising less than a million dollars and has $230,000 left.   

Kirkpatrick’s single largest contributor at $55,000 is Emily’s list which promotes pro-choice female candidates.

But labor unions combined contributed nearly 3 times as much.

The single largest contributor to Paton’s campaign, at $16,000, is the Political Action Committee for Services Group of America.

That’s a private food services company based in Scottsdale.

But he received about $100,000s from the finance, insurance and real estate sector, more than any other.

While finances are a good indicator of a campaign’s strength, it’s not the only factor.

Two years ago, then incumbent Representative Ann Kirkpatrick out raised her challenger Paul Gosar by more than 60%.

And he still won.