Kara Kelty for Mayor Profile

Flagstaff, AZ. – INTRO Voters in the city of Flagstaff have 3 choices for mayor on the primary ballot which was mailed out last week. Today is K-N-A-U's third profile for mayoral candidates. Arizona Public Radio's Theresa Bierer has this report.

TB) In 2002, Kara Kelty was appointed to the Flagstaff city council when another member stepped down. She was reelected and served until 2-thousand-8.

"I led several complex processes to address critical issues in Flagstaff such as affordable housing and our zoning code. I worked on many issues that had been long standing in this community that nobody else was addressing and so I addressed them and we made significant progress."

TB) Those initiatives have stalled and by serving as mayor, Kelty believes she'll be able to finish what she started. She says it's also time for the city to become financially sustainable.

"Now is really the time for the city council and the mayor to get serious about shaping a budget that relies less on state funding and is more dependent on the strengths and assets of our community."

TB) Kelty says she's best suited to serve as mayor because she's the only candidate with endorsements from 2 sitting council members

"The mayor needs to be a good facilitator, a need to be good collaborator and they need to be a visionary. They need to bring forward a vision council is able to understand and is willing to prioritize as a goal so when you get into the budget process you're have the resources you need to ensure there is success for an initiative."

Kelty says a good mayor maximizes the skills and talents of the 6 city council members. In Flagstaff, for Arizona Public Radio, I'm Theresa Bierer