J.D Hayworth launches senate seat bid

Phoenix, AZ – Hayworth served 12 years in the U.S. House before being ousted in
2006 by Democrat Harry Mitchell. Since that time he has been a
radio talk show host. But now Hayworth believes, what with the
Tea Party movement, he is now what Arizona wants. More to the
point, Hayworth said McCain is too far to the left.

(Just like the liberals, John opposes waterboarding captured
terrorists like the Christmas bomber. Just like the liberals,
John wants to close the prison at Gitmo. Just like the liberals,
John talks about global warming in apocalyptic terms, sounding
for all the world like Al Gore.)

And if the mention of Gore weren't enough, Hayworth uttered the
dreaded H-word.

(John's problem is not that he likes Hillary. John's problem is
that sometimes he's like Hillary.)

After the speech, Hayworth brushed aside questions of whether if
the Republicans nominate someone of his conservative ilk, that
hands the general election to Democrat Rodney Glassman.

(The political wind is at our back. People recognize the change
they need is conservative change, not someone who's going to go
there as Mr. Glassman would and be a rubber stamp for Barack

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.