House votes to repeal property tax

Phoenix, AZ – The House voted Tuesday to permanently repeal the only statewide
property tax. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports.

The levy was suspended in 2006 when lawmakers found they were
collecting more money than they needed. But the tax, equal to
about $112 a year on a $250,000 home, comes back automatically
late next year unless legislators act first. That's what the
Republican-controlled House did Tuesday, largely along party
lines. Rep. Pete Rios said businesses pushing for the repeal are

(I would remind our businesses that they benefit from good
schools as much as anybody else. I would hope that, at the end of
the day, they would be good corporate neighbors and pay their
fair share.)

But House Speaker Jim Weiers said homeowners pay property taxes,
too. And he chided foes for saying that repealing the tax, which
could bring in about $250 million a year, would balance the
budget on the backs of children.

(Well let me in fair play turn around and say do you want to try
to balance the budget on the heads of the homeowners, the people
that are looking for every nickel and dime they can to scrounge
together to be able to make those taxes and the mortgages so
they're able to live in those homes.)

Gov. Janet Napolitano already has hinted she will veto the
measure, calling it -- quote -- irresponsible.

For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.