House passes gun rights bill

Phoenix, AZ – The House gave final approval Wednesday to legislation that would
bar most property owners from telling people they can't bring
guns into their parking lots.

Right now state law treats parking lots of private firms and
stores the same as buildings: Owners can say that guns are not
allowed. This bill says the rights of gun owners to have weapons
in their vehicles trumps the rights of the property owners. Rep.
Frank Antenori said the legislation simply acknowledges reality.

(Probably for the past few centuries, hard-working Americans have
been driving to work every day, and quietly and secretly been
keeping their gun in their car without anyone knowing. After this
bill passes, that will likely continue. But they don't have to
worry now about being potentially fired or penalized for doing

But Rep. Chad Campbell said the measure goes too far because
there aren't exceptions for places like power plants and water
treatment facilities.

(I think there's too many problems with this bill. I think that
it exposes some of our critical facilities and again the right of
private property owners to a mandate that is infringing upon
their rights as the owner of that property.)

Campbell pointed out while owners and renters of single-family
detached homes can keep guns out of their parking lots, that
right does not extend to apartment complex owners and residents
of condominium units.