High Winds To Continue Through Saturday

May 25, 2012

Most of the state is under some type of high wind advisory today. And, the strongest gusts are yet to come.

Winds have been blowing throughout the day at around 40 miles per hour. But weather officials expect them to pick up significantly by this evening.

Chris Outler, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Flagstaff, said, "Just east of Flagstaff in the Doney Park area tends to be the most susceptible to high winds and that’s where we’re expecting to see some of the strongest gusts today possibly exceeding 60, maybe 65 miles per hour”

A low pressure system is driving the high winds, which are expected to continue tomorrow. Outler says significant rainfall from this system is a longshot.  

“Even if it does rain tomorrow, it won’t be more than a few drops, so, yeah, no real chances for rain after this storm system out," Outler said.  "Looks like it’ll be getting dry and warm next week”

Outler says high wind and red flag warnings are in effect today for northern Arizona, along with parts of California and New Mexico.