Gubernatorial Candidate Goddard Wants to Raise More Tax Dollars to Balance the Budget

Phoenix, AZ – At a press conference today Goddard said he was not preparing a
plan of his own to bring revenues into line with expenses. But he
said that cutting spending even further cannot be the whole

(We have a whole set of revenue options that have not been
considered. I would submit some of the loopholes that are still
in our tax system need to be closed. Some of the special
exceptions that have grown up over the years we can certainly not
afford any more.)

Such as?

(I think we need to look at things like elective cosmetic
surgery. We need to look at country club memberships. We need to
look at a whole variety of special exceptions right now which
riddle our tax code and cause it to be as ineffective as it is

Pushed further, Goddard said he wants to look at tax credits for
scholarships to send students to private and parochial schools.
And he said even the exemption from the state sales tax on foods
needs to be considered.

(I was mayor of Phoenix when we had no tax on food. I thought
that was the right policy. But there are luxury items on the
grocery shelves that well might be included in the sales tax. I
think we need to look carefully at what it is and why it is we're
making certan exceptions.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.