Governor signs global warming order

Phoenix, AZ – A new order issued Friday by Governor Janet Napolitano
could ultimately affect what you drive. Arizona Public
Radio's Howard Fischer explains.

The governor wants to cut Arizona's greenhouse gas
emissions back to 2000 levels by 2020 -- and half that
by 2040. That includes carbon dioxide, with tailpipe
emissions being a major source. So Napolitano ordered
state agencies to implement a Clean Car Program. That
would not outlaw the sale of specific brands or types
of vehicles. But it would mean manufacturers who want
to sell their cars and light trucks in Arizona would
have to meet emission standards stricter than federal
law. Napolitano said details are still being worked
out. But she sidestepped the question of whether she
has the legal authority to do this.

(I don't want to answer that question right now. Let's
wait and see what they come back with and then we'll
make the determination of whether it requires
legislative action or whether it can be done by the
executive branch.)

But the governor told Arizona Public Radio she believes
the public will back what she wants.

(Most Arizonans would agree that if we don't start
making some changes with respect to the environmental
issues that affect climate, we're going to feel very
regretful in another 10 or 12 years.)

Napolitano also said it remains to be seen whether
Arizonans are willing to do something to curb global
warming if it turns out they'll have to pay more for
their cars.

In Phoenix, for Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.