Governor signs bill allowing guns in bars

Phoenix, AZ – Arizonans will soon be able to bring their loaded guns into bars.
But as Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer explains, they WON'T
be able to light any sparklers to celebrate the new law.

Without comment, Gov. Jan Brewer penned her approval Monday to
legislation which creates an exception to existing law which
makes weapons off limits anywhere alcohol is served. The new law
says that, effective Sept. 30, that no longer applies if the
person has a state permit to carry and concealed weapon and
agrees not to imbibe. Brewer gave no explanation for her
decision. She did, however, detail why she vetoed legislation
permitting the sale and use of sparklers. Brewer admitted to
having supported the issue in the past, even to the point of
acknowledging to Arizona Public Radio months ago that she played
with sparklers growing up in California.

(Not only that. I visited in Montana. And they offered sparklers
everywhere throughout the midwest. And then as my children were
growing up, they played with sparklers, too, in Mexico.)

But Brewer said she was influenced by letters of opposition from
rural and urban elected officials as well as the U.S. Forest
Service. Separately she signed legislation requiring a 24-hour
waiting period before a woman could terminate a pregnancy,
including new requirements for what she has to be told first. And
while the governor provided no explanation, her decision should
come as no surprise: Brewer is on record as saying she believes
abortion should be illegal except to save the life of the mother.