Governor signs anti illegal immigration law

Flagstaff, AZ – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed what's considered the nation's toughest illegal immigration legislation into law April 23. Arizona Public Radio's Laurel Morales reports.

A group of about 15 protesters at Northern Arizona University held signs that read "brown is not a crime;" "hope not hate;" and "stop SB-10-70." Senate Bill 10-70 puts new mandates on police to ask people they come into official contact with whether they are in this country legally. The law allows race or ethnicity to be a factor when it comes to questioning someone.

Belen Mendez is a freshman at NAU and says it's wrong.

MENDEZ: We shouldn't be stopping people based on their color. We shouldn't be discriminating or being like I have reasonable suspicion to stop you because you are not white. I'm a US citizen why should I be profiled? Why should you have suspicion of me when I have done nothing wrong. I just can't believe it's even happening.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund promises to sue. They say the law allows illegal racial profiling and illegally puts the state in the business of enforcing federal immigration law.

For Arizona Public Radio I'm Laurel Morales in Flagstaff.