Governor Sets Limits on Guns in Public Schools

Jan 10, 2013

Gov. Jan Brewer said today she does not want armed teachers, principals and volunteers in public schools.

Governor Jan Brewer, September 5, 2012
Credit Howard Fischer / Capital Media Services

Following the shooting last month at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Attorney General Tom Horne proposed having each school designate a single individual who would have access to weapons that presumably would remain locked up until needed. And earlier this week, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said he sees no reason why teachers who own guns should not be able to bring them to work. Brewer told Arizona Public Radio she's not interested in anything like that.

"They're entitled to their opinion. I'm not a supporter of that," the Governor said.

The governor instead is leaning more to proposals by Democrats to restore some of the state funding for school resources officers that was cut in prior years.

"I believe in safe areas. I think my track record has shown that, and that we need to ensure that our most precious resources are safe," she said.

She said, though, the $100 million pricetag on a plan by House Minority Leader Chad Campbell is unrealistic. But Brewer reiterated her stance that additional restrictions on weapons are not appropriate.

Some people want to make this such an exaggerated issue. But the bottom line is that it's part of the Constitution. It's the Second Amendment of the land," the Governor insisted.

Brewer will unveil her plans at her State of the State address on Monday.