Governor Brewer Sending Signals to Universities to be Ready for More Budget Cuts

Phoenix, AZ – The issue came up Tuesday when Brewer announced that Don Cardon
will head the new Arizona Commerce Authority. Cardon took the
opportunity to talk about economic development. He said one key
is for the state to reconsider how it treats its universities.

(If we're going to mature as a state, we have got to get to a
point where we look at our universities, and we look at research
and development not as a liability, not as an environment where
the elite reside and the rest of us fund it, but where our hope
rests in the knowledge base that's necessary in the global
economy that's expanding.)

Brewer, speaking to reporters after the event, said she believes
the universities are key to bringing jobs to Arizona. But that
does not translate to funding.

(We will work to strive to get a bigger bang out of our dollar.
We will strive to do as little harm that is possible and work
hand in hand.)

That led to a question of whether she's recommending actual
spending cuts.)

(Actually we're looking at streamlining the universities. Yes.)

But Brewer said details will have to wait until next month. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer