Governor Brewer Prepares for Meeting with Obama

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer said she has a bunch of questions for the president,
including how many of the 1,200 National Guard soldiers he plans
to deploy to the Southwest will be put in Arizona. The
administration has responded to criticism by detailing border
security improvents it has made since Obama took office. And the
White House said the president wants to provide those details to
the governor.

(It isn't enough. It's not working. We have 1,000 illegals coming
across our border every day. We are paying the price for the
illegal activity, we're paying the price for the incarceration,
we're paying the price for the education, we're paying the price
for the health care. We are the kidnapping capital of the world.)

Brewer and Obama also are likely to discuss the state's new
immigration law. While the president has been critical, he also
has conceded the federal government has failed to secure the
border. But the governor said that she's not willing to ask
lawmakers to delay its implementation to give the president time
to show he has an effective plan to do that.

(We have waited and we have looked for help and we have searched
help with absolutely no response, not only from this
administration but the prior administration. And there was no
relief. And so we're at this point in time now where we need to
move forward.)

Anyway, Brewer said the state law simply mirrors federal
statutes. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.