Governor Brewer on Gun Bills She Signed

Dec 17, 2012

Jan Brewer said today she's not sure if any of those gun bills she signed as governor should be revisited in the wake of the shootings in Connecticut.

The governor, in her first public comments, called what happened "absolutely horrific.''

"Everybody's heart is broken to the point where you can't hardly get over it when it's brought to your attention again or you're just thinking about privately it as you're driving along," the Governor said.

Brewer said such incidents always lead to a discussion of the rights of individuals to bear arms.

"And I'm not sure it's something that needs to be addressed in that respect," she said. "You know, 9-11 was box cutters. I mean there are evil, there are evil people in our country, unfortunately, and in the world. And I don't know how we get our arms around it."

One bill Brewer signed lets any adult carry a concealed weapon. Another allows those with state-issued permits to bring guns into bars and restaurants where alcohol is served. The governor said perhaps the focus should now not be on guns themselves.

"I certainly believe that we need to be able to find a solution where our schools are more safe because we've just had too many incidences of this kind," she said.

Brewer has vetoed some gun bills, including one to permit weapons onto public rights of way within public colleges and universities and another allowing guns in most public buildings.