Gov Brewer Will Know a Secure Border When She Sees It

Jan 7, 2013

Gov. Jan Brewer can't put a specific definition on what it means to have a secure border. But she said today those living along the boundary with Mexico will know it when it happens.

The question of what Brewer thinks may be politically significant because it comes as members of her own Republican Party are pursuing various plans for comprehensive immigration reform. That comes in the wake of GOP losses, partly fueled by the emerging Latino vote going largely to President Obama and Democrats. Brewer made it clear after the election she favors for fixing the immigration system -- but only after the border is secured. But until now she has never defined what she would consider a secure border.

"If we could get it as secure as we have Yuma, I think that would be a goal," she said. "We know that we need more equipment down there. And I think overall we can go and we can talk to the people that are affected personally by the border. And when they say that border is secure, then I think we can rest peacefully."

In the meantime the state's two Republican senators are crafting their own immigration reform plans. Brewer said no one has contacted her.

"Certainly I'm grateful that they're going to take up the issue. How they're going to resolve it is going to be their decision. But I'm watching and I'm hopefully in agreement with them," the Governor said.