Gov. Brewer Vetoes Child Welfare Study Bill

May 1, 2014

Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed legislation Wednesday to have a quarter-million-dollar outside study of the state’s child welfare agency. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

Gov. Jan Brewer
Credit Ross D. Franklin/AP

The veto comes as Brewer wants a special session to replace the old Child Protective Services with a new Department of Child Safety and Family Services, complete with a director who reports to her. She also wants lawmakers to finally provide the full $80 million in new funds she wants for the agency. The newly adopted budget has just $59 million. In her veto, Brewer said there are several studies already completed or underway. But, Senate President Andy Biggs who crafted the plan said that’s not enough.

“I’ve always believed, and I think there are a lot of folks that believe with me, that you need to get something from maybe outside the state, outside the system, get some truly independent eyes on it, those who have no vested interest in it from a $700 million-a-year entity,” Biggs said.

Brewer did sign 35 other bills on Wednesday, ranging from making it a crime to point a laser at an aircraft, and regulating commercial trampoline centers, to barring people from providing the physical means for others to kill themselves. She also agreed to make so-called revenge porn a crime — posting a naked image of a former spouse or lover on the Internet without that person’s permission. But, the governor vetoed legislation to increase the amount businesses can deduct from their taxable income for new equipment purchases.