Gov. Brewer Changes Finger Pointing Story

Jan 31, 2012

Gov. Jan Brewer is finding another way to use last week's confrontation with President Obama to her advantage. 

When the governor greeted the president last week, she said he told her he thought her description of their 2010 meeting at the White House in her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, was inaccurate. Brewer said she responded by telling the president he was wrong. One thing that tiff on the tarmac did is drive sales of the governor's book to new heights. 

Now Brewer is publicizing the incident on the web page for Jan-PAC, which she set up to take donations to influence federal elections. The PAC site includes the now famous picture of Brewer, index finger outstretched just inches from the president's face.

More to the point, the explanation of what they were discussing mentions not the book but Brewer saying -- quote -- I was telling him you have one more year. PAC spokesman Paul Senseman said the fact she put 'you have one more year' in quotes should not be taken as gospel.

"No, she hasn't changed the story at all," said Senseman.  "What she has done is responded to some of the solicitation efforts that were launched late last week by the Arizona Democratic Party and others to try to organize and solicit funds."

Senseman said Brewer figured if Democrats could use the incident to raise money, so could she.

But what of that quote?

Senseman replied, "It's a tongue-in-cheek expression to make light of something that has been overblown and frankly overused by groups like the Arizona Democratic Party."