Goddard Suggests More Effort to Crack Down on Mexican Crime Cartels

Phoenix, AZ – Goddard said the key is cracking down on the Mexican crime

(Unless you have organized criminal assistance, or are some kind
of Olympic athlete, you're going to have a very hard time getting
through a combination of hot desert, rugged terrain and border
security. And the main reason that the border is still being
penetrated and illegal folks are still getting across is because
they had criminal assistance.)

Goddard, in Washington today to testify before a House
subcommittee, said aggressive prosecution of cartel members will
automatically lead to fewer border crossings. Goddard
acknowledged that much of the activity of the syndicates is
beyond U.S. legal reach. But he said there are things the
government here can do. For example, he said people have to
declare it when they take more than $10,000 in cash or travelers
checks out of the country. Criminals who don't want that
attention can get around the law by loading up gift or stored-
value cards that can be taken across the border with impunity.
Goddard said requiring retailers to notify the government when a
card is loaded with more than $10,000 will help prosecutors
follow the money to figure out if it is the result of illegal
activity. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer