Goddard speaks out against tax hike

Phoenix, AZ – The proposal on the May 18 ballot would hike the state sales tax
by a penny for three years, raising close to a billion dollars a
year. But Goddard noted the House has already approved a package
of future cuts in corporate and individual income taxes and
property taxes. When fully implemented that plan would reduce
state revenues by $940 million a year. Goddard said he is
concerned about what he calls a shell game.

(There's some people in the Legislature that would like to tax
middle-income Arizonans with an increased sales tax and turn
around and use that money to provide some special-interest
breaks, some corporate tax cuts. And that, I think, should not be

Goddard said his support for the tax hike is contingent on Brewer
assuring the public she won't approve those tax cuts when they
get to her desk. That's not likely to happen. Campaign aide Doug
Cole noted that when Brewer first unveiled her tax hike plan a
year ago, the governor said she wanted it paired with future tax
breaks to spur economic development.

(The governor has not changed her long-stated belief that job
creation must be the top priority. She has had proposals on the
table since March of last year to help small, medium and large
businesses in Arizona.)

Brewer's three main foes in the Republican gubernatorial primary
already are on record as opposing the tax hike, albeit for
different reasons than Goddard. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.