Goddard says He Remains Optimistic Despite Things Working Against Him

Phoenix, AZ – Goddard said he did the best he could. But he conceded it was
probably just a bad year for anyone to run for office with a D
behind his or her name.

(I guess there were much better years to be a Democrat. But I'm
still proud to be.)

Goddard acknowledged that voters appear to be ready to give
Republicans an even bigger margin in the Legislature. But he's
not sure if that's any sort of a mandate.

(It's hard to say so far. It seems that there was some problems
with overreaching perhaps by the (Obama) administration. We
certainly felt that here that people either didn't understand
what had happened or were very questioning of it. Let's say there
were messaging errors along the way. I think a lot of good stuff
has been done. Obviously that didn't translate.)

In downtown Phoenix for Arizona Public Radio this is Howard