Goddard Bows Out of Legal Fight to Defend SB1070

Phoenix, AZ – Goddard has never hidden the fact he doesn't like SB 1070, saying
it doesn't solve the problem of illegal immigration. But he said
changes to the measure approved by lawmakers make it legally
defensible and he was prepared to make that argument in court.
But Gov. Jan Brewer threatened earlier this week to file a
separate legal action to kick Goddard off the defense team.
Goddard said that side fight would make no sense. So he'll leave
the defense of SB 1070 to Brewer. Gubernatorial press aide Paul
Senseman said Goddard did the right thing.

(The governor's grateful that he's changed his mind. She agrees
that he has a conflict of interest in this case and that she
speaks on behalf of the state of Arizona on SB 1070.)

Goddard denied he has a conflict, saying he would never let his
personal feeling about legislation get in the way of defending a
law. But he doesn't want a separate legal fight.

(Although we would win, it would be a very significant
distraction, costly in both time and money. And it would be very,
very debilitation to the state's effort. So I think that in the
best interest of Arizona it was necessary to step down and not be
a participant.)

Goddard said, though, he thinks the state would have a better
chance of winning with his attorneys on the team. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.