Gay marriage ban passes

Phoenix, AZ – Voters approved a measure Tuesday to constitutionally define
marriage in this state as solely between one man and one woman.
Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports on the outcome of
Proposition 102.

The vote is a big victory for foes of same-sex marriage who were
defeated two years ago. That measure, however, also would have
outlawed civil unions and barred governments from giving benefits
to the domestic partners of their employees. Cathi Herrod of the
Center for Arizona Policy said this time backers chose to narrow
their focus.

(Prop 102 was those 20 simple and clear words that defined
marriage. Prop 102's simplicity united Arizonans across all
backgrounds, religious, political, ethnic backgrounds all united
to support Prop 102.)

What also was different is that sponsors this time had a warchest
of more than $7.6 million. State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema who opposed
the measure said her side had only a fraction of that.

(I think if there had been an even match of money it would have
been a no-brainer. But our community certainly, our community,
meaning the progressive community, had huge priorities for money
all across the country, most notably Barack Obama and I gotta
tell ya, I don't regret that choice for a moment.)

For Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.