Food Prices Inching Up

Phoenix, AZ – The quarterly survey done by the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation
shows the cost of 16 basic items in the last quarter was $48.84.
That is a 6 percent hike from the first quarter of the year. The
organization's Peggy Jo Goodfellow said a big component of that
is energy costs -- specifically gasoline.

(Fuel is a production cost, especially on a farm or an ranch.
They have to factor that in when they figure prices, too. And,
I'm sure, the retailers also are figuring energy costs in.)

Some of the biggest hikes came in the cost of whole milk,
potatoes and apples. And the price tag for most kinds of meat
also is going up. Those increases were at least partly offset by
lower costs for cheese, eggs and white bread. And Goodfellow said
while this survey is of basic items, she said savvy shoppers can
find ways to save.

(Season items, you're always going to get your best prices there.
And the local items, things that don't have to be shipped in.
They going to have a better price to them. And the flavor will be

Goodfellow said even with the spike last quarter prices are still
below where they were the same time last year. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.